This blog handles the stuff I always wanted to scream out to everyone. You might also find some more or less useful tipps and tutorials about coding.

I'm not going to speak with a leaf over my mouth. ( I'ts a german saying ) So expect me using words like fuck, ass, suck and soup. Also I cannot promise to be always politcal correct.

 > whoami

Hello, most people call me Mario, easily recognised by my horrible english. I sometimes code, well ok thats a lie... I do that all the freaking time.

Since 8 Years if we want to put a number on it and currently working as a Senior Developer at the Cinergy AG in Zürich.

Computer Since is not only my profession it's my biggest hobby and I love it. Im always curious trying out new things and gathering new skills.

I left school after the 7th grade (not entirely voluntary) and gathered most of my knowledge through books and the web. Thats also the reason why my english sucks and my general knowledge is pretty much a black hole. (This paragraph is basically an excuse for anything stupid I might write down.)

Im currently stationed in Zürich / Switzerland. If you want to meet up let me know, Im always open for a cold beer :)

Damn PHP Developers...

Yes PHP got my heart <3 We all know PHP is not the best language, it got many issues and makes you sometimes want to scream and smash your notebook into little shiny pieces. But think of programming languages as friends (jesus this sounds lonely) they are not perfect and you can't do everything with all of them and if you have the choice you prefer your best buddy.

My Best buddy is PHP in this case followed Python, JS, C, Objective C, Swift and Java.

Mario Döring

Mario Döring


Software Engineer, ClanCats Dude, cineman.ch Developer and general Idiot.