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Amazon Elastic Transcoder PHP Example

Don't get me wrong the documentation of the amazon web services are great, but for the elastic transcoder I just wanted a little piece of example code so I don't have to filter an 300 line arguments array for a simple operation. Aws PHP SDK Don't forget to install the AWS PHP SDK using composer. "require": { "aws/aws-sdk-php": "2.7.*@dev" } Example I'm not going to explain how to setup the transcoding pipeline on the aws…

Useful PHP helpers: array_pick

A long time ago I added this helper to CCF's CCArr class. If you are doing a lot of Database operation you will come often to the point where you have to get a value from every row. Obviously it's not hard to write a loop doing that, but this way you will repeat yourself. This mini helper makes you write a little less code. Which is good! Usage Of course the implementation into your framework…