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Writing a webserver in pure PHP - Tutorial

Well, this is pretty useless, but it is possible. But again its pretty.. uesless. This tutorial will hopefully help you to better understand how a simple webserver could work and that it's no problem writing one in PHP. But again using this in production would be trying to eat a soup with a fork. So just, .... just don't. Let me shortly explain why this is not a that good idea. PHP is a scripting language that…

3 Vagrant settings you should check out to optimize your VM.

About a month ago I started switching my local environment to a Vagrant VM. ( I know im pretty late. ) Im still a vagrant noob but there are 3 things i've learned so far. Use NFS ( Network File System ) The default synced_folder driver (VirtualBox) works well until you start importing a bigger project. If you have more than about 100 files the performance is going suck. But there is a solution! By simply configuring the synced…